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Want To Sell Your Home? The first step is letting go emotionally…..

There are many decisions and plans that have to be made prior to putting your home up for sale.  Many of these decisions are based upon the logistics of your life:  Why do you want to move?  Where do you want to move?  What is the mathematical equation that is present for you?

In my experience as an agent assisting homeowners in making some of these decisions, I’ve found that there is one critical aspect that must be completed as a foundation to making your goals happen:

In order to make the decision to sell your home and find a buyer to purchase it, you must recognize that your property is going to be a NEW HOME FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

You must pave the way for your home to become somone else’s home.

Do not become offended when people come into your home and are not fond of your choice of decor.  Do not become offended when people come into your home and look through rooms and closets to figure out how their life could possibly transcend into this home.  Do not become offended when a potential buyer wants to remodel what took you years to create.


All of the memories you’ve created in this home will be yours forever.  In your own mind.  With your own set of photographs and home movies.  In the minds and memories of your family and friends.

THAT is the most important part of the life you’ve created in this home.  NOT the structure of wood, metal, stucco that is called a house.  This home is just a temporary shell for that life experience that can be claimed by no one else but yourself, regardless of who dwells in this structure in the future.

It is time for someone else to start creating their own memories in this home, and you must submit to that if there’s any chance at all with you completing your goal of selling this home and creating a life in another home.

If you cannot emotionally dis-attach yourself from the home, not only will it show, but the energy you’ll be putting out there will prohibit the sale of your home.  It will inhibit those around you that you’ve hired to be part of the team that will assist you with getting from point A to point B from doing their job.

It will show in how the home viewings are conducted, it will show in your negotiations, and it will show in many places that are critical to creating an environment conducive to successfully selling your home.

You must keep your eye on the prize at all times:  A new life that you’re wanting to create for yourself that involves selling this home.

Once you’ve emotionally let go of the property, then you’re home-free (no pun intended).  Everything else is details.

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