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Landlord / Tenant Issues…Put it in Writing – Rancho Cucamonga Real Estate Tips and Tricks

I was listening to the local news a few days ago, a portion of the broadcast was dedicated to a call in for “landlord/tenant” issues.

Local tenants could call in and get free advice to help resolve issues. The top two rental disputes between a landlord and a tenant? Security deposit and repairs.

The top statement that tenants use to try and get the landlords attention? I’m calling an attorney.

The top question your attorney will ask? Have you talked to your landlord and put it in writing? With all landlord tenant disputes – the number one thing a tenant needs to do is “know the law” (same applies to landlords) and the law states, “It must be in writing.” Whatever “it” is.


But the best thing to do is resolve the issues before “it” gets to that point:

Talk – communicate – face to face is best.

Be reasonable – for example, you have a rule that repairs will be done within 24-48 hours. but if the AC breaks in Arizona – that needs to be fixed right away. On the same issue, if you are a tenant, understand that it might take a few hours to get a repair person to the house to fix the AC. Take responsibility – usually responsibility falls on both sides if there is a dispute or problem.

Compromise. If you can’t do any of the above – get a mediator to help resolve the issues.

Put all of the above in writing



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