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Keeping It Real Estate – October Issue


Keeping Up with Real Estate


Rancho Cucamonga Real Estate / Bank Of America Offering $2,500 – 30,000 in Relocation Assistance

CALABASAS, Calif. – Adding to its foreclosure prevention initiatives, Bank of America has launched a nationwide program that offers delinquent mortgage customers increased assistance with relocation expenses – between $2,500 and $30,000 – at the completion of a qualifying short sale.


“Bank of America is committed to providing alternatives to foreclosure whenever possible,” said Bob Hora, home transition services executive for Bank of America. “This program can help customers make a planned transition from ownership when home retention options have been exhausted or they have made a decision not to keep the home.”


The short sale relocation assistance program builds on the bank’s already robust short sale initiatives, which led to 200,000 completed short sales in the last two years and another 30,000 in the first quarter of 2012. This program is based on a similar incentive offer that Bank of America tested in Florida last year.


To qualify for the enhanced relocation assistance payments under the new program, the seller must work proactively with the bank to obtain a preapproved sales price prior to submitting a purchase offer to the bank. A short sale must be initiated by the end of this year and close by September 26, 2013, to be eligible for the payment. Qualifying short sales that have already been started but have not closed may be eligible for the relocation assistance.


The amount of assistance provided under the new program will be determined on a case-by-case basis using a calculation that includes the value of the home, amount owed and other considerations.


Initially, the program will be offered on mortgages that are owned and serviced by Bank of America.


While available nationally, Bank of America anticipates greatest response to the program will come from borrowers in California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and other states hardest hit by the economic downturn and falling property values.

Call Melissa and Christy to see if you qualify !




Cucamonga Canyon – “Sapphire Falls” – Rancho Cucamonga Community Updates

Cucamonga Canyon – “Sapphire Falls”
Enjoy your time in the canyon while following some advice
Map of approved trail to Cucamonga Canyon

If you are visiting Cucamonga Canyon you will most likely enter through the City of Rancho Cucamonga. The only legal way to enter or leave the canyon is on Skyline Road. Skyline Road is located at the top of Sapphire Road and runs north from Almond Street. All of the land to the west of Skyline Road and south of the second forestry gate (including the wash) is private property. If you utilize private property to enter or exit the canyon, you are subject to arrest or citation for trespassing. The police department is working in the canyon every weekend to enforce all laws.

The City of Rancho Cucamonga wants you to enjoy your time in the canyon, but offers the following advice.

  1. Stay on the main trail (Skyline Road).
  2. Remember; if you leave the main trail you must have a way to get back. Many of the routes to Sapphire Falls are easy to get down, but nearly impossible to get back up.
  3. Stay away from steep rocky trails to avoid injury.
  4. Take water and wear appropriate hiking shoes.
  5. Park only in legal areas to avoid parking citations.

The City of Rancho Cucamonga understands your desire to hike and enjoy the canyon. The city promotes healthy activities such as hiking, but must also protect the rights of property owners in and around the canyon. Trespassing, illegal parking, littering and graffiti are just a few of the problems common to the canyon. Let’s all work together and make the canyon a safe and fun place to visit.

Rancho Cucamonga Police
(909) 477-2800

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